A mouth guard is a dental appliance used to help lower the risk of oral injuries during physical activities, such as contact sports. Accidents can happen when participating in any athletic activity; without the use of a mouth guard, injuries that could occur include chipped or broken teeth, damage to the root of the tooth, broken crowns, fractured jaws, and concussion. For this reason, any athlete- adults and children alike- should be fitted for a mouth guard. There are many different options available such as stock mouth guards and the boil-and-bite variety of mouth guard, which can be purchased at your local sports store; however, the safest and most effective option is a custom-fitted mouth guard which can be made by your dentists or orthodontist. With custom fitted mouth guards, your dental professional makes an impression of your teeth and uses the impression as a mold to create the custom-fitted mouth guard. This allows for the mouth guard to cover all the teeth and stay firmly in place, offering maximum protection against injury.

Under Armour® Performance Mouthwear™


Under Armour® Performance Enhancing Sports Guard. The Under Armour® (UA) Performance Mouthguard offers superior protection in addition to performance benefits! Whether you perform in contact sports like football, hockey, and lacrosse… or compete in endurance-draining sports like running, soccer, baseball or golf… This sportsguard is for you!

Whether you’re in competition or just training, the UA Performance Mouthware helps your body perform better. The UA ArmourBite™ Technology prevents your teeth from clenching and pivots your jaw forward to relieve pressure on your TMJ (temperomandibular joint). As a result, you body produces less negative (performance-degrading) compounds like cortisol and lactate during your activity. The UA sportsguard has been shown to increase strength performance by 17%, reduce lactic acid build up by 25% , improve airway flow during exertion, speed up reaction time, and improve endurance for athletes under intense exercise.

The UA Performance Mouthwear is backed by multiple studies, peer-reviewed journals and many professional athletes, pro trainers, strength coaches and wellness experts.  Contact us to learn more and find out which UnderArmour Mouthguard is right for you!

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